Purest Heart


How it All Started

It all started online! I was looking into adopting a stray dog from India and started the process of negotiating how it would be possible to bring the dog to Britain. After contacting a few charity organisations I realised it would be difficult  with the long winded Indian process! So I decided the best course of action would be by fund raising and awareness. There are millions of adorable strays around the world who are completely abandoned and ignored, and often abused or killed. I hope Purest Heart can make a difference to millions of voiceless and  homeless animals around the world.

Purest Heart is a stray animal rescue, an awareness charity which aims to create an awareness to the animals suffering and bring love and respect to our animals. After all it’s their planet too!!

Future Vision: Awareness to their suffering and to minimise abuse to animals. Inspire people to think about the way we treat our fury friends and to think about their actions.

Adopt: Change the minds of people to Adopt instead of Shop! Think about the abuse and suffering of dogs being bred on puppy farms and home breeding.

Donations: We are collecting dog beds, Blankets , Towels, Led Dog Collars, Food, Anything else you can spare new or old.

Where your donations will go to: