Are your products tested on Animals?
It is against our company policy to test our ingredients on animals.

Do your products include paraben?
Our products are completely paraben free.

Are your products suitable for all skin types?
Our products are completely safe on all skin types. However if you have any concerns we have a clinic where you can try our products. If your skin is super sensitive we recommend you try a small test or speak to our practitioner before buying.

What is the shelf line for your products?
Our shelf line depends on which product you buy. Each product is individually marked with time frame for use depending on how often you use the products.

How do I know if these products are suitable for me?
Please email us for a free online consultation or face to face consultation. We are here to help and we will call you back if you prefer. Alternatively a free consultation can be arranged for you to have a face to face consultation.

Can I use these products straight after a skin peel or laser treatment?
All our products are safe to use, however we recommend you speak to the practioner who is treating you to see which products are most suitable.

Can I mix and match Secondage Skincare with other products?
Our products work great with any other range. The most highest care has been taken whilst developing this range.

I am Perimenopausal, which products are suitable for me?
All Secondage products have been formulated with hormonal skin in mind. Most of our products are water based. Our wide range of serums are perfect for perimenopausal and hormonal skin.

Is Secondage Skincare ideal for my skin type?
Secondage Skincare is a range carefully formulated and developed by Asees Berri after working directly on clients for over 30 years. The range is ideal to use during cosmetic procedures and after treatment for home care. We have carefully developed a range for every skin concern in mind for women and men.

Are Serums the best solution for Hydration?
Our beautiful luxury serums are ideal for hydration and absorb fast into skin without making it look greasy. They are perfect for any type of skin.

Can men use Secondage Skincare?
Our products are formulated for both women and men.

I am not sure which products to order? I have multiple concerns?
You can call or email us and we are here to help you. If you prefer we can organise a free consultation and a tester session.