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COMCIT™ is: Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy. It is the most effective and advanced skin rejuvenation system yet, because it offers four simultaneous modes of action all designed to stimulate Collagen production. All four treatment modes can be used together or independently.

1. Cryo-Oxygen
Freezing cold oxygen is introduced into the skin in order to energise and invigorate, while the simultaneous cooling effect on the skin surface ensures a calming, pain-free treatment.

2. Microchanneling Roller
Creates tiny pathways in the dermal-epidermal junction; kick starting a positive healing response and allowing a more focused product infusion.

3. Topical Infusion
Active rejuvenating ingredients are delivered deeper into the skin layers via micro-channels; allowing focused penetration of key ingredients tailored to promote collagen production at a cellular level.

4. Oxygen Infusion
The perfect way to replenish the skin and restore hydration – “A healthy and radiant skin is a breathing skin, where oxygen exchange between the cells functions perfectly”

The simultaneous delivery of Cryo Oxygen whilst the unique Microchannelling Roller creates hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin’s epidermal/ dermal junction, allowing the topical infusion of powerful skin rejuvenation ingredients to be driven into the skin.

  • Instantly Smooth, Fresh, Firmer, Plumper & More Youthful Skin

  • Reduced Lines & Wrinkles

  • Tauter, More Rejuvenated Skin
  • Promotion of New Collagen Growth
  • Improves Elasticity and Firmness

  • Improves Skin Health

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COMCIT Crystal Clear Glow Facial 1 Treatment £130

Everyone is unique. This means that sensitivity periods, treatment plans, treatment results and their longevity will vary from patient to patient. The information on this page is based on the average treatment experience. For more accurate information, you should make a consultation with one of our beauty experts. A possibility of swelling, redness, recovery period after the treatment. Most patients can return to the work immediately. Clients may need top treatment for longer lasting results

All booked packages of our beauty treatments must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase, otherwise no refund will be provided.